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If you want to play a fast-paced FPS game powered with numerous incredible elements, then crucial ops is the game for you. This game will test your tactical skills and reflexes. The game will deliver you a rich experience and thrill of terrorist warfare while you fight a crucial strike operation being a counter-terrorist or play as a terrorist to cause destruction. You can opt for domination along your friends, or show the world all your skills through the individual scoreboard.

It is a skill-based, competitive game portable FPS. Presently, in Alpha phase, Critical OPS is still under development process. But you can always download and play the game right now. All you need to do is download the game from the link mentioned at the end of the post and we will ensure that game is fixed for bugs, optimized for performance, and offers you all new and advanced features.

What’s in Critical OPS MOD Hack APK?

Experience the fun of the trendiest terrorist warfare that allows you to fight essential strike operations such as counter-terrorism. The game even allows causing destruction by being a terrorist.

It involves continuous struggle for ascendancy together with the friends, or to point out the world his skills resulting in individual boards. You can join the war within the most competitive transportable independent agency. With the critical ops mod apk you can enjoy playing with weapons varying from shotguns, rifles, guns, to exactitude rifles. It could be a fast independent agency that can give a look to your reflexes and military skills.

The critical ops mod hack apk includes client side mods and server side mods. Have a glance at the details of these two mods.

Client Side Mods

  • Custom Crosshair
  • Radar
  • Low Risk
  • Tutorial Skipped

Server Side Mods

  • AutoAim. This must work while trigger is on and it will scan only the nearest enemy. Sometimes it would not detect the enemy because of anti-cheat feature. However, it is still better than having nothing.
  • ESP Health Bar – This feature shows health bar above enemies.
  • It is also possible to change the menu size. This can be done by increasing or decreasing the scale percentage in game display settings.

How to Hack Critical OPS and What Does this Mod Offers?

What’s Exciting and Features?

The exciting thing about this game is the different modes that the users are offered with.

  • Defuse Mode – In this mode of game the aim of terrorist team is to plant the bomb at a respective place and defend it. During this time the counter-terrorist group would try to stop them. This round ends as soon as the bomb explodes or is defused. The other situation that is possible to result win condition for each team is when the players of the opposite team are defeated before planting of the bomb.
  • Death Match – In this mode, the opposing teams continue to fight with each other till the timer runs out. The winner is the team with most players alive.
  • Ranked – You can unlock this mode only when you have successfully killed 250 kills in Quick games. In this mode the players are awarded points for every game they win. If there is a ranked lost, then the points will be deducted. On the basis of performance of players, they can get demoted or promoted in the rank.
  • Gun Game – This is a new game mode in the Critical OPS. This game mode is played in teams and all players individually work their way to get through the weapons in each game. In this mode, each kill accounts towards moving the next weapon on this list. This game mode is still scheduled for release.

Features of Critical OPS

Some of the prominent features of Critical OPS are:

  • Action-packed rounds – Every time you play this game, you will be stunned with the action-packed match at each level. Each match is a fast-paced version designed for mobile FPS reminiscent of GO:CS. Hence, if you prefer playing fast, robotic games, then you are going to love this one too.
  • Range of Weapons – Another feature that makes this game even more interesting and enjoyable are the variety of weapons offered to the players. The game is a master pool of different weapons that are available for players at every level. From grenades to handguns and other explosive weapons, you will love the overall feel and intensity the game delivers to the players.
  • Customized Weapons – There are rarely any games online that would offer you the ease to customize your weapon. But Critical OPS is one such game that is loved for this exclusive feature. It enables players to put skins on their weapons customized as per their preference and requirement. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy the cool customization of weapons offered by this game then get it right now.
  • Enjoyable Clan System – Making friends and joining clan is an enriched experience that allows the players to experience throughout this game. Just make small clans and compete together for a more fun-filled and thrilled experience while playing critical OPS.
  • Host Private Matches – If you want to relax and play on some easy moves by just playing with your friends or favorite players then just host a private match. Only you and your preferred players would be allowed to play the match.

Installation Guide for Critical OPS

  • How to Download and Install Critical OPS on PC

Step 1 – Downloading and installing the game is quite a lengthy process but you can perform certain steps in order to get things done. It is first important to download the Android emulator for PC. It is suggested to download an App Player as it incorporates numerous useful features to play Android games seamlessly.

Step 2 – The next step is to download the our app. You can download it through the following link – http://www.mediafire.com/file/z78ct9dufd98ik7/Critical_Ops-com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops-307-v0.9.5.f309.apk. This would allow you to install the Critical OPS as well as OBB files. Once the download is complete, you may then install it into your emulator.

Step 3 – Open this app and look for the install button for Critical OPS. This will ensure that the apps start to download.

Step 4 – Once the game is installed, you would not be able to play the version because of an error. If such a thing happens then you can go to the Google Play Store and download an app for multiple accounts.

Step 5 – You need to open 2 accounts and add the critical OPS to the enabled list. Then click on start button. This will load the game. It is vital to open the game through different accounts, at least 2 accounts in order to play the game.

  • How to Download and Install Critical OPS on MAC

Step 1 – Download and install a game player on your Mac.

Step 2 – Once installed, launch the app from your computer.

Step 3- Open the game player and open play store to connect the game player to Google. Here you need to create a separate account.

Step 4 – Search for Critical OPS game in the Play Store.

Step 5 – Install Critical OPS and launch the app.

Step 6 – Now enjoy playing the game from your MAC.

PRO Tips and Strategies

  • Some Basic Know How’s!
  1. Check Hide Cross Platforms – Before you begin shooting players on the other side, make sure you do check the area marked as ‘Hide Cross Platforms.’ This area is present in the server filters. If you don’t check it then you would eventually start off playing against the players on Facebook.
  2. Do Monitor Your Load out – Another basic and important thing is to check the load out tab present in the main menu. The main menu is equipped with lots of weapons. You can select one weapon at a time every time you play. Hence, to know all details about it is a good idea.
  3. Select an Appropriate Mode – There is different gaming modes included in Critical OPS. It is best to begin the game with Deathmatch mode rather than Defuse mode. It is because the Deathmatch mode is simpler and offers a better introduction to game mechanics. Once you are confident about the Deathmatch game you may then switch to the Defuse mode.
  4. Alter the Controls – It is possible to move the buttons position within the settings menu. So, if in case you are experiencing trouble with the pre-defined settings, then tweak things in a way you prefer.
  • Critical OPS Tactics and Strategies!
  1. The Important Rule – The golden rule in Critical OPS game is to ensure that you never play this game alone. This is a team game. So, the closer you are to your team, the better results you would avail.
  2. Always Keep Your Weapon Reloaded – While even the shortest battle uses downtime to reload the weapon, it can cost you huge if you are carrying an unloaded weapon. The difference can be between winning the next shoot and to die even before you had a chance to cause any damage to the person on the other side.
  3. Do Check the Boundaries and Corners – It is wise to be cautious. You must move temporary through the levels by keeping an eye on crannies and nooks. Also, do learn the finest places for attacks and ambushes.
  4. Target the Head – The maximum damage you can cause to your enemies is aiming the head. If you shoot the enemy in his shin there is a possibility that they would point the gun directly to your head.
  5. Use Knife when Close – When you are close to the enemy, use the knife. This is a more efficient method to kill the enemy and it must shot down the enemy in just one shot.
  • Critical OPS Pro Tips!
  1. Close Every Challenge – Every time you close a challenge, you would receive a decent reward. This is a good way to get grips with different types of weapons. Just keep an eye on the challenge and try to finish them.
  2. Spectate and learn – Take out some time to watch the game before you begin learning. See what other players do and how they are playing. This will let you know what works best and what does not and would even good repertoire to your overall game.
  3. Move – It is always better to target a stationary target than a moving one. So, keep on moving and wisely use the crouch and jump buttons so that you always stay ahead of the enemy. This will let you kill stationary objects with ease.
  4. Keep an Eye on Detector – Keep a close check on the target, but make sure that it is not too close. Let the radar guide you where the action is. However, don’t depend solely on it to expose all possible targets.
  5. Select Your Weapon Wisely – Make sure you pick a weapon wisely. A Spawn gun is ideal for most of the rounds. Change it only when it is of utmost importance.
  6. Don’t Pick Dropped Weapons – Don’t make the mistake of picking up weapon dropped by other players. This can be their tactic and lead to destruction. Focus on your strategies and gunplay instead.


  1. With what devices can I play Critical OPS/
  2. For an Android phone your device must support an Android 4.4 OS. For an Apple device it must possess iOS 9.0. The RAM of your device must be more than 1Gb. Make sure your device have enough free memory so that you can play the game.
  3. What is the ‘Map’ Feature?
  4. Critical OPS game includes five maps to select from – Canals, Bureau, Legacy, Plaza, and Grounded. Soon, there will be more maps added.
  5. What are Clans and How Players can Make One?
  6. It is possible for players to create clans with friends. This enables them to play with their friends. The clan members are provided with a clan tag, which is available in the game. Only limited number of members can be added to a clan group.

Download and Final Words

It is not simple to hack the Critical OPS game, but there are Critical OPS Mod APK that can help you play this game in more efficient way. Just, check our hack tool through the links mentioned below. Definitely, our cheat codes, tips, and jacks would help you become a star player of the game!

Download Linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/z78ct9dufd98ik7/Critical_Ops-com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops-307-v0.9.5.f309.apk

Download Linkhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/md1t8i7uov26v6b/com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops.zip

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